Plant portraits in Low Key – A different Tulip in Monochrome


 Continuing with the low key portraits – you can see the last 3 days here

This is the same tulip I showed you close-ups of yesterday. I wanted the tulip to stand straight but once I curled the leaves on the left it refused to do so.. this is the result in monochrome especially for Stuart ( Okay that’s a fib . I actually set up this post on 3rd July because I spent all of 4th July at Wimbledon Tennis Championships.. I can feel another “Portrait Of” coming on !!  )  I just read Stuart’s comment about more Black and Whites last night he was obviously reading my mind again !

Obviously having been at the tennis all day yesterday I still haven’t caught up with blogs and comments but hope to today 🙂



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24 thoughts on “Plant portraits in Low Key – A different Tulip in Monochrome

  1. A great image! It looks almost human (I’m seeing an actress or dancer facing the camera, her right hand on her hip, her left wrist against her forehead in a drama-queeny ‘Oh, it’s all too much’ kinda way! Perhaps I need to get out more…)

    • Gosh I have soo much to learn! I’d like to give up work and study photography full time !! I see he makes/made handmade books too and I collect books 🙂 thank you for telling me about him and I can see why…

      • I do very occasionally. Pinhole photography and I have a rollei sl66 which I like to use. I’m about to embark on a small project using a couple of old folding medium format cameras. I’m restricted to developing my film and then scanning them for the moment – which in part defeats the object, but I may play with making some digital negatives and deriving contact prints from them – which is moving things in the opposite direction.

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