Plant portraits in Low Key – Red Tulip in monochrome.


Yesterday I gave you the low key red tulip in glorious colour , if you missed it you can see it here

Today I’m giving you a monochrome version of it which I hope you’ll like.



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21 thoughts on “Plant portraits in Low Key – Red Tulip in monochrome.

  1. I like this Helen…Wasn’t overstruck with the colour one (don’t know why other than I don’t like red flowers), but this I do like….A lot.. I think it works including the it a bit more context..
    (Though I think you should have cropped the vase as ‘straight’ rather than cropping for the flower)..
    How is it lit?

    • Sorry Stuart not quite understanding what you mean about cropping the vase “straight” ? This was taken on my kitchen table and the light is natural bright early morning sunlight that comes in through a roof window as well as some side natural lighting ( not sun though) from french doors onto the garden..

      • The light is lovely…I thought maybe you’d boosted it with something….
        When natural light works there is nothing like it….
        (I was being hyper0critical but the vase seems crooked/off centre to me..I thought you’d straightened the image to show the flower stem as straight as possible at the expense of the vase….
        Maybe its just my brain…thats really off centre 🙂 )

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