Plant portraits in Low Key – Red Tulip


 Another occasional series ( or maybe even frequent who knows with me !) this time flowers/plants in low key and back to my beloved macro.

As the lighting is deliberately quite harsh I decided to counter this by having the flower very softly focused.





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26 thoughts on “Plant portraits in Low Key – Red Tulip

  1. Did you know the tulip originates from Tibet and came to Holland via a Dutch merchant’s dealings with the Turkish kalif? The tulip bulb became a symbol of wealth and during the golden age of trade a single bulb could fetch the price of a big town house in Amsterdam. It came all crashing down after a few decades though but the Dutch still are known the world over for their tulip propagation.
    (Spent a wonderful WE in Amsterdam with hobby and picked up a few pieces of useless information)
    This is a beautiful specimen. I love the dark red colours! The old Dutchmen preferred the white ones with coloured flames running through them, not knowing the discoloration was caused by a virus.

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  3. Oh these are nice, Helen, I like both of these! The flower’s well shown in the top one, and I think that the green leaves and stem, and the black backdrop, all bring a lot to the shot. The light on those thin green leaves is lovely.

    The other one is like a consuming, raging fire – and I wonder if that little bit of green is best out of there – put your finger over it to see what I mean – I think its a bit of a distraction from the luscious reds and scarlets. Adrian

    • Thank you Adrian… I understand about the green and I tried taking it out but the shape was all wrong so I put it back.. I guess I could have changed it to red but I try not to change images too much..

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