Musicians in London


Yesterday I gave you musicians in Italy ( here ) today I thought I’d give you a contrast and show you some musicians I saw when I was in London recently

First up that most sexy of instruments… the saxophone .. the man who was playing it wasn’t bad either !



The man playing the guitar below was in the London Underground and was what I call a professional busker. ” I wear the hat to attract attention so tourists will take photos   – but no money no photo ”  I took 3 photos but he would not show me his face.. my friend threw  a few coins in his guitar case as he passed and as I passed I turned to take another photo but he raised his hand and indicated no more…. harumph .. as he looked a bit fiercesome and was bigger than both me and my friend – probably put together !! I decided against persisting.



Now this man below was quite different. His name is Errol Linton, he was playing blues harmonica and he was accompanied by Adam Blake  on guitar on this occasion .. my friend and I came upon them  playing in a cafe/pub that was pretty open to the streets.. not exactly sure which it was as we arrived just in time to hear the last piece, performed with great passion.. I wish we had got there earlier to hear more..

I took this shot just after he finished giving his all and was mopping the sweat from his face..

If you want to listen to some bluesy harmonica playing from Errol click on the link below

“Poor Man Poor Boy”

I love it .. there’s real soul in that man !




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21 thoughts on “Musicians in London

  1. Can’t criticise you for liking the sax…but your comment regarding the saxophonist leaves me speechless…’Wasn’t bad either ??????’ Wasn’t bad ??
    He looks like he needs a good wash ! And as for his polyester slacks with visible knicker line…..Well !! I rest my case !

  2. I bought myself a harmonica last summer, and I’ve got thimbles and washboards out at Old World…I wish I had the years of learning in me that would open up the blues inside and let them wail!

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