I found another bit of yellow :)

My apologies faithful followers but I did not feel like editing new photos today  ( Tuesday that is because I always set up the night before – too many other things on my mind ) so here’s a post I prepared a few days ago as a back-up for just such an occasion so that I can keep to my at least 1 photo a day..

Normal service will resume tomorrow..

A couple of shots of rape fields that I hadn’t realised were un-posted.. especially for Stuart because I know how much he loves rapeseed 😀





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21 thoughts on “I found another bit of yellow :)

  1. I enjoy the colour that rapeseed brings to our countryside. I guess that’s because I enjoy photography. I does however draw some strong negative opinion from some people who think it is taking over our countryside, perhaps particularlly from anyone who suffers from an allergy to the pollen. It’s a good crop for the farmers though, and if it helps keep them afloat in troubled times, I guess that’s also good.

    Back to the photos. I like both, but I am drawn more towards the second narrow DOF shot, which I love.

  2. Oh yes, Helen, I like both of those a lot >>> wham bam thank you ma’am, good images! I think the top one does it most for me – it could so easily go to black and yellow, and the tilted hedge line is just right.

    In the lower one, I think that everything above the yellow field is a distraction from the absolutely marvellous stuff below – I’d crop this out and rotate 90 degrees clockwise – but that’s just me! Adrian

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