Sorrento Trip.. The tale of 2 Lizards


I was in Herculaneum ( which is quite wonderful) on my  recent Sorrento trip with Traveleyes and was mooching about with my camera when I spotted 2 lizards. The Big one appeared to be trying to kill the Little one. It was biting it’s body; holding it firmly in it’s mouth and shaking it about, hence the lack of crispness in the images.



The Little one tried valiantly to escape but the Big one was having none of it…



…. eventually trying to carry the Little one up the wall ( none of these looked as good on my computer as they did in camera but never mind you get the idea 🙂 )



… This was when I intervened chasing the Big lizard which promptly released the Little one which scurried away up and over the wall to survive another day. 

Now maybe some of you clever people out there will inform me that this was just a mating ritual rather than a bit of cannibalism???  😀


You can see my other Sorrento Trip photo here  and there’s more to come


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  


26 thoughts on “Sorrento Trip.. The tale of 2 Lizards

  1. This was amazing… Thank you dear, I can almost see this little event in your photographs, what can I say I don’t know because I don’t have any idea bout them. But this is clear for me I have never seen that they were like that… Love, nia

  2. I believe it was rivalry between two males that certainly could have ended in cannibalism. Eventually the little one might outgrow the big one 😉

  3. An excellent ‘catch’! I’ve tried many times to get an interesting lizard shot and have never been happy with the results. Well done Helen!

  4. Nice shots. Not sure I would have intervened. But I do agree it was probably a fight rather than a mating ritual. Your shots are very good though.

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