Sorrento Trip.. Pompeii – Amphitheatre


Two quite different views of the Amphitheatre at Pompeii.

The first an abstract



The second showing the only available place to get some shade to eat ice-cream and think.



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40 thoughts on “Sorrento Trip.. Pompeii – Amphitheatre

  1. I’m not so sure about the first – it had me turning my head immediately, so there’s something about it that says the picture has been rotated. It has to be something to do with the light because the ‘physicality’ of the subject doesn’t really give any visual clues.

  2. I had the same reaction as Stephen, the image took control of my senses because of its rotation…that is a good thing because it makes us take notice. A nice shot, very ‘Rodchenko’ style, well done. Regards Mark

  3. The clue for me was that the second shot is also rotated. I love the abstract, but my brain wants to solve the problem, so I cheated and rotated my laptop. Ah, yes. An amphitheater has steps.

  4. These are really great Helen. I like both and I am very jealous. I do need to get more imaginative with my photography. These should inspire me, but I suspect that my poor old brain will continue making ‘record’ shots.

  5. Love the first one. My mind had me looking at narrow ledges with doorways for the spectators to sit and get a good veiw until I read the comment about turning it. Once I turned it the steps seemed a lot safer option, even though the view might not have been as good. 🙂

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