Sorrento Trip.. Pompeii – Bronze


I was lucky enough to visit Pompeii on my recent trip to Sorrento with Traveleyes 

At the site was a bronze statue of Apollo and a lot of tourists were photographing the front of it but I thought the light and texture of the back of it was more interesting …







By the way the dark smoothness on the left buttock in the top photo is where it has been touched a lot !!! naturally I did too 😉

You can see my other Sorrento Trip photo here  and there’s more to come


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



36 thoughts on “Sorrento Trip.. Pompeii – Bronze

  1. I could say something about Sun and Moon, but I won’t. I like the intimacy, even in bronze, of folds and curves. Very sensual… and unyielding at the same time. Nice study!

  2. I have visited Pompeii and indulged in all of the sensuality, especially the murals dedicated to Priapus – but my absolute turn-on was sitting in the arena where Pink Floyd recorded while I listened to their Pompeii music on headphones – totally brilliant…

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