Portrait of a once grand house


Anyone who has been following my blog for a while will know that it’s often not just about the photograph but also about recording buildings, shipwrecks etc before they are gone and telling a little of their story.

The shots below are of a house I passed some time ago.The summerhouse in the first photo caught my eye in amongst all the destruction around it.I thought it was rather beautiful and wanted to capture that in case it was going to be knocked down too. I didn’t have my camera with me ( shock horror!) so went back later to get the photo.




While I was there I took these other couple of photos to put it in context. 


I wonder what was grown in this greenhouse 


I’m sure the house looked lovely in its day with over an acre of garden.

( I know grand was a bit of an exaggeration but it was a better title! ) 

I don’t know if the house has now been pulled down.. I expect it has and there will be flats or some such in its place. I hate to see houses demolished and especially trees cut down.

Imagine what fun might have been had by some family in this house and garden.



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28 thoughts on “Portrait of a once grand house

  1. So sad, all that decay. But that is life isn’t it, coming and going… Nicely captured for posterity. Summerhouse is so lovely coloured. Glasshouse made me cringe…Big house is a nice one, romantique in a way…

  2. That top shot has amazing power. What a superb location for some serious dereliction photography. I wonder if you can get inside any of the structures?

  3. Oh my! And in New Zealand I don’t think we even have anything that old! And if we did, no one would be allowed to knock it down. You have a hard time knocking down anything over 50 years old – and a lot of what was built in the 60s is really worth knocking down…

    What really fascinates me here, though is the decaying greenhouse. Were you able to get some more shot of it? In the interior? Can you sneak back shortly after sunrise one day and give it a go???

  4. A shame to destroy such a setting. It’s obvious it could have been salvaged.
    Hope they go for renovation!

    • Oh I’ve only just seen this comment Adrian… it’s the colourful summerhouse that grabbed me.. I went by here a week or so ago and there have been more trees etc cleared either side of the piece of land but the strip in the middle with the house, summerhouse and greenhouse is still the same.. so mayeb they are going to renovate it.

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