Friday Faces 10 – Bird of Prey Centre


I haven’t done a Friday Faces for a while so I thought I’d show you some faces from the Bird of Prey Centre  









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48 thoughts on “Friday Faces 10 – Bird of Prey Centre

  1. Hey Cherry-Bomb
    Ha ha…
    Initially these reminded me of my shots of Barney and Miranda way back in January…Then of course I realised my shots were of actual owls while yours are of comedy characters dressed as owls….Silly me!

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  3. Like the 2nd one best. He looks so sleepy. Must be a young one. Does not have tufts on top of his head (ears?)

  4. You make this look too simple. These ‘characters’ weren’t just waiting to pose for you. Well done,Helen. These are superb shots and a splendid sequence.

  5. Oh what a series of portraits! Great stuff, Helen!

    But there’s no doubt about it, its the second one down that really does it for me – I think its a combination of the very pale blue of the bill and around the eyes, the combination of these blues with the orange-browns >>> but most of all the combination of the slight inclination of the head and the direct, rather squinting and questioning eye contact, as if the bird is peering inquisitively at us, wondering what we are.

    I look into those eyes and there is direct eye contact – and somewhere behind those eyes, there is a conscious, living and quite alien being / spirit / entity that is looking out at me. Fascinating image!

    How are you getting on? Hope you’re fine. Adrian

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