Wicken Fen – No prizes for guessing what this is !


I know I’m jumping all over the place with my photographs the last couple of days.. I have a lot of photographs to edit but my concentration is not good at the moment and I’m utterly distracted !

So back to the Wicken Fen series.

This is  a slightly more unusual view of Wicken’s iconic Windmill



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17 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – No prizes for guessing what this is !

  1. Ya know, these are structures the like of which we just don’t have on this side of the pond. Our windmills are tall & skinny or modern and propeller-like. No great, big lattice arms. Thanks for sharing yours!

  2. One of the many things I like about your photography, Helen, is the way you really explore your subject, making the most of every viewpoint. You create some really unusual and effective images that way. I think I could definitely improve my photography by learning this habit from you.

  3. Once Stuart mentioned the Smurf…. that was it……..
    Spot-on composition with the placement of the sails, and the contrary diagonals……. a great shot Helen.
    Regards, John.

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