Portrait of the Dandelion 4 – colour

I’m sort of alternating with the  Bird of Prey centre this week so back to the Dandelion series  for today

In this series I wanted to try to explore the Dandelion clock, in particular,  in more detail and to find different ways of viewing it.

The colour in these is created from other flowers, plants and sunlight. 







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30 thoughts on “Portrait of the Dandelion 4 – colour

  1. Helen and Dandelions…like Monet and Haystacks (or Water Lilies)…it’s all about changing light. An endless fascination, beauty in all colors, a study of the turning world. You keep going deeper with the same subject. Great work!

  2. they are both lovely but the top one is particularly striking with the colours and the water droplets

  3. These are SOOOO beautiful !!!! especially the top one with its warm background colour, although I also like the fuzziness of nr 2…

  4. Mum these are great! The first one is so beautiful. like all the other comments so far, the warmth, dewyness and all that feathery textures – I think this should be your macro entry

  5. Again, two images evoking different types of response. The first is superb – it is difficult (as well as unnecessary) to think of any way in which it could be improved. The graduated, burnished gold background is the perfect accompaniment for the seeds.

    • Thank you so much Louis.. i have looked at it again and cropped a little more off the bottom ( haven’t posted it thought ) where there isn’t much of interest 🙂

  6. WOW! The first one is a real gem… Great shot. I fall in love… Thank you my amazing photographer friend, dear Helen. Your artistic shots feed my soul… Love, nia

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