Portrait of the Dandelion 3 – Caught

Continuing with the Dandelion series

I hadn’t intended to post this yet but for some reason I haven’t felt like editing photos today and I had this ready so here it is.

I was particularly pleased to get the barbed bit at the bottom of the “parachute” in focus, especially as the seed was constantly moving in the breeze.  It took about 40 frustrating goes to produce just this one. I am not normally known for my patience but that changes when it comes to photography and I am as patient as anything!




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22 thoughts on “Portrait of the Dandelion 3 – Caught

  1. Amazing detail on the seed, its actually got tiny hairs on it, and those water droplets are beautiful, but I had to enlarge it on my screen to see the detail………… a closer crop would reveal more to my blurry vision…….. you have to consider the partially sighted as well Helen………… now where did I put my white stick.
    Lovely observation and recording, regards, John.

    • The seed actually has little barbs on it John which are designed to catch in the ground to anchor the seed so that it can grow.. Did you see yesterdays post and the day befores? much closer for you 🙂

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