Portrait of the Dandelion 2 – Dewy seeds

These are not the same two seeds that I featured yesterday, those were taken a couple of days ago.

These were taken back in April I just hadn’t got around to editing them. I couldn’t decide which one to post so you’re getting both of them 🙂  








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34 thoughts on “Portrait of the Dandelion 2 – Dewy seeds

  1. Have a feeling I’m viewing Take 2 before Take 1, but not to worry – these are really excellent pictures, Helen, very delicate and beautiful! You and your macro! What was that Beatles song? “Everybody’s got something to hide except me and my macro!” (sic). Apologies for not re-appearing last night but tiredness got me. Hope you’re feeling better. Adrian

    • Nope you can veiew any way Adrian they don’t follow each other.. this is just a series I’ve done. A few more to come yet.. I know about tiredness… starting to come out of the black hole I think.. weather helps 🙂

  2. Delicious. See those droplets! I’ve been working in the garden so this pic turned med overwhelmingky thirsty!

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