Portrait of the Dandelion – 2 seeds on Lavender

The start of another series. It’s hard to resist the dandelion  and yes that is my favourite lavender bush in the background that you can sort of see..

The first version has the colour but I didn’t particularly like the swirliness of the background created by the settings I used to get the capture, so I added lots of contrast in the second one to make the background black.

You know how sometimes you do a photo and just feel dissatisfied somehow…hmm

Anyway which do you prefer ?  if any !!






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41 thoughts on “Portrait of the Dandelion – 2 seeds on Lavender

  1. These are both excellent but seem to me to have different purposes. The first is a photo with just nuances of lavender adding character to the background (perhaps not quite enough?); the second is more design orientated, an icon/logo. I also like the composition and the relationship of the seeds.

    • Thanks very much Louis.. I always value your opinion.. I would have liked more of the lavender too but couldn’t seem to get it and I had limited time available…

  2. These dandelion seeds have a ballerina quality, it’s really a picture of dancing in the air, so with that in mind which one do you think captures that essence best?

      • Ah, but can he tell margarine from butter?
        And on the Poppy front… I’m very glad to hear it..The thought of anyone I’m fond of, off her tits in some grim be-nighted den, whilst a Fu Manchu-alike stokes her bowl with Chinese molasses is not one I care to explore…..
        (Rather pleased with ‘stokes her bowl’ there,…seedy drug reference with a bit of inuendo thrown in…Double-whammy!)

  3. I like them both, too. (I’m wondering what the first one would be like in black and white)
    I love the suspended delicacy, Helen. Makes me want to purse my lips and release a gentle breath.

    • Gosh you have such a wonderful way with words Karen… I did try it in black and white aftwer I read your comment but it didn’t do for me.. looked sort of washed out..

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  5. Reblogged this on FATman Photos and commented:
    Two Dandelion seeds from Helen Cherry – you can’t get much more minimal than this, and I love these shots’ extreme simplicity and beauty – these are wonderful pictures, Helen! FATman

  6. I am looking for an illustration of dandelion seeds to go with a newspaper-feature proposal as a recurring part of the title. The photo of dandelion seeds on black interested me as a candidate. Are you open to licensing it?

  7. Hello, Helen. I loved the dandelion seeds picture. My mother is a poetress and we would love to have the chance to use the photo as the cover of a book. Small, independent publication in Spanish. Please let me know if you allow us to do so.

    Thanks ,


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