Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 10 and last in series – Trains take 2


So a final look at the glorious Victorian masterpiece of engineering that is the Harringworth Viaduct.

I started this series with a monochrome photograph and thought I’d finish with one so here’s a mighty long freight train.

I’ve really enjoyed this journey ( no pun intended !)  and hope you have too.

Thanks for sharing it with me 😀




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25 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 10 and last in series – Trains take 2

  1. Stunning…Stunning..Stunning..I love the patterns….With a closer look, you might think its a painting!

  2. Thast’s very good, Helen, for me maybe your best viaduct shot so far – and perfect for mono. The train up there really adds to it I think, if not makes it.

    I would crop it horizontally from the bottom of the rightmost bridge support, to bring even more emphasis to those superb arches and to the train; and I might take a little off the top of the shot too, to bring the end of the train nearer to the right margin. Good stuff! Adrian

  3. A beauty……..
    I get what Adrian says re cropping but think it would be a shame to lose the reflection…In this case I think more is more.
    This really has been a great series of shots Helen…..


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