Going back for a landscape

Giving you a break from the hardness of the Viaduct but fear not I will come back to it..

This landscape was taken on the same day as the Viaduct photos.

Later in the day I was travelling on the road you can see when I spotted the cloud formation and where it was in relation to the fields and trees. I had to turn the car just round the bend , drive back, park up and get the shot.  You know how it is!




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23 thoughts on “Going back for a landscape

  1. A nice composition with several different areas balancing each other. I especially like the way the farm track, and the tractor tracks lead the eye round and converge, giving the picture depth and making the centre the main point of interest.

  2. Great composition, love all of those sympathetic curves…but, (and this isn’t your fault) I’m totally sick of rape….’When I were a lad’ you hardly ever saw it but now its ubiquitous…Around the Tewkesbury area you used to see field after beautiful field of lavender, interspersed with fields of mustard, the yellow of which made rape look dull, but now just rape…The whole of the midlands is the same……Aaaaaargh!
    I do like your photo but I cant help hoping that the bottom falls out of the rape-seed market.

    • I know the feeling about rapeseed. I used to hate it with a vengence as it’s so gaudy for the British landscape but I’ve enjoyed photographing it this year! I am starting to tire of it now though ( One more posting I think !! )

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