Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 6 – Little Red House – take 2


 I’d intended to give you a break from the Viaduct for a few days but I am too tired to wag this evening ( I always set up the post the night before ) and this post was ready so it’s back to my favourite little red house which I first showed you here

One of the joys of photography for me is being able to give something a whole different feel by changing for example the lens, the angle or the light source.

Oh and I’m behind with reading all my favourite bloggers too.. catch up later today I hope! .


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11 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 6 – Little Red House – take 2

  1. I find very interesting the framing here, with the dark area of the viaduct contrasting the blu sky. What is solid, stone, is much darker than what is aerial. Stone against air. Who is the winner?
    PS; maybe the winner is the grass…

  2. This is a beautifully sparse image and it works for me on several levels. A small and slightly time-abused brick shed dominated by that black mass: intimidated almost, but still somehow quite chirpy. The way the arch springs from the apex of the roof creating a strange relationship and emphasising the blackness of the shed as well. As an abstract it makes me nervous…. its quite a tense image. But relief comes from the fresh green tenderness of the grass and I love the part that the sky plays….. breezing forward….. the sky is almost the most solid form there……..very strange…but I’m smiling 🙂
    Regards, John.

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