Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 5 – Details


More photos of the Viaduct. This time I thought I’d show you some brick details.

Do you think the Victorian builders had any idea how much this Viaduct would be loved 140 years later ? 





Each of the arches is numbered. This was No. 21




Yesterdays post gave you a glimpse of the little red house/hut underneath one of the arches. Stuart of Shpics fame felt it was over exposed..

He may well be right but whatever you do don’t tell him!! … so I’ve done a little adjustment and here is another version of it which I think might suit him better 😀



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28 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 5 – Details

  1. As I’e commented before, it’s the normal everyday things that are often most beautiful and visually pleasing. Very nice images and thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. There are some interesting variations in the patterns of bricklaying – as for example the upper and lower sections of the 3rd photo.

  3. AH Ha…found you you little blighter!
    Yes, I like this more…..I’d have stopped it down a good two stops further in camera but you know me…As subtle as a flying cow…..But this is good, I like it.

    And as for the first shot here:
    Well, take any more shots like this one and I might have to kill you……………

  4. Oh..and as for the Victorians….
    ” Lord strewth! Bricks, bricks, bricks…I’m sick of laying these fecking bricks, and my TB is playing up something rotten. Pass me another dry crust and a sip of that brackish water….I do wish they would crack on and invent plastic”.

  5. Good pictures, Helen! I like the top and bottom ones best. I’d crop the top one at the bottom of the left hand straight shadow because I think that the interest in the shot is all above that point. Adrian

  6. All great images – really nice details. The bottom shot is excellent. Love the contrasting surprise of the red brick hut! 🙂

  7. Helen this set is just fabulous and a text book example of using the camera as a tool to explore your environment. All are brilliant selections and framed to perfection. The image that grabbed me totally was the first…. and that’s from someone who always complains when he sees a sloping horizon!
    Regards, John.

    • Thnak you so much John… please do feel free to give feedback any time.. good or bad. All much appreciated. I enjoyed photographing this Viaduct and it’s little house so very much. The sequence was deliberate too. I wanted to begin and end with strong monochrome images..

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