Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 4 – Little Red House


This little red brick house, underneath the arches of the Viaduct, was my favourite bit of my visit to Harringworth.

This is just a little glimpse of it but I will be featuring it later in this series.

There are many photographs of this Viaduct on the web but I have only seen one other of this little building but not from this angle.



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26 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 4 – Little Red House

    • Thanks Scilla… Oh yes I was underneath and walked a bit of the length of it but the flooding prevented me going too far… There will be a few more of this little house

  1. How can a house be ‘Cute’ ?
    I just want to go ‘aaahhhhhh’ and stroke its little teeny weeny roof tiles……Reminds me of nothing more than a puppy peeping from beneath its mothers legs.
    Photographically, (and I know you quite like it when I put the boot in), I think this is over-exposed…
    I’m guessing you shot aperture priority, and its the nature of the tonal value of the subject for the camera to expose like this, it sees a big ‘dark’ area and thinks it needs lightening up so it slows the shutter too much…..I think if you’d either bracketed it, or simply shot a few with some compensation dialled in, (minus two or three stops would be very sexy), you’d have got a much nicer range of tones.
    (whoops..nearly fell off my soap-box).

    • I’m so pleased with your reaction Stuart because that was exactly what I was trying to portray..
      Over-exposed…hmmm. I didn’t take this on AP though.In post processing I probably should have darkened it a bit as it was very bright… I’ve done another version especially for you which will be in tomorrows post… see how good I am to you… it’s because you got the baby animal thing…

      • Well I consider myself a bit of a baby animal…;-)

        Much as I love my post processing, you cant put back stuff that isnt there or overexposed.. so its best to underexpose this sort of subject ‘in camera’.
        With Raw you can then brighten up the areas you want to, but you get to keep all of the nice darker detail and colour..
        Lookin’ forward to all these viaduct shots…
        I’m luvin’em..

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  3. I like the slightly washed colors of the walls because they give me the idea od something old, very old. And I like the two triangles on the upper side of your photo. Brava!

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