Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 3 – Horses


Continuing with photos of the Viaduct. This time with a better look at those horses.





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22 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 3 – Horses

  1. I’m tempted to ask ‘How many bricks?’!! More seriously, the details are so crisp its possible to count them! It’s an incredible structure, and the contrast with the horses is a delightful touch.

    • Thanks Louis… here’s some details for you ” The viaduct is constructed from some 30,000,000 bricks, all manufactured on site, with Derbyshire Gritstone springers, string courses and coping. As well as the bricks, construction required some 20,000 cubic yards of concrete, 19,000 cubic yards of stone, 37,543 cubic yards of lime mortar, and 5,876 cubic yards of cement.”

  2. Thanks Scilla… These were the same horses from the landscape shot… by the time I’d got down to the road, turned and come back to park near the arches the horses had kindly made their way there too!

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