Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 2 – View from the Hill


Back to the Viaduct that I gave you a tantalising taste of on Sunday.

I thought I should put it in a bit of context. This was the first view I had of this magnificent structure as I went over the brow of quite a steep hill. I stopped half way down the hill to get this photograph.

The water isn’t there all the time, it’s flood water but the horses didn’t seem to mind in fact they appeared to be loving it!


. .

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42 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 2 – View from the Hill

    • It was magnificent. I took a trip there especially to photograph it David.. on only the second dry day we’ve had for 6 weeks but still wasn’t expecting tyhe great floodwater!

  1. A viaduct carries a railway ( as in this case) or a road so is like a series of bridges all together to span a gap and an Aquaduct carries water usually a canal, Scilla

  2. Beautiful, nice perspective, light, and i love those obscure reflections (is it marshland?)

  3. Great picture, I love viaducts and aqueducts, they are usually massive but very elegant. Poor horses though 😦

  4. Super image. I like the relationship of verticals and horizontals, the reflections, the balance of colours and tones, the inclusion of the horses creating a sense of scale …… Yes, I like it a lot.

  5. This is massive!!! Very Romanesque.
    And the green is so wonder-fully-green.
    Whole shot is very much breathing tranquility.

  6. I thought it looked big in your shot……..but Eighty two arches !!!!! EIGHTY TWO!!!!!!
    Its a bloody Mega-duct…….a Gargantu-duct…….an absolute Fu*k-off-a-duct !!!!!
    I LOVE IT!
    (and your photos not bad)….

  7. That’s very nice, Helen. The viaduct is very impressive, but for me the floods and horses add a lot – the horses could be mistaken for migrating Wildebeest! Good stuff! Adrian

    • I was thrilled when I saw the floods and horses. As I watched they moved towards and under the viaduct so they were only in the flood for a couple of minutes.. I took a few shots but then a few of them moved in a line… how cool was that!

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