Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 1 – Monochrome


One of the things I’ve learnt about myself  since I started Photomania is that I like to really explore the character of something, whether it be an old barn, a shipwreck or in this case a Viaduct .

To explore the shapes, textures, angles and how they relate to the environment around them.

So these photos of the Viaduct are just the first in what will be a series about it which I shall post from time to time. I hope you’ll enjoy exploring it with me.




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37 thoughts on “Portrait of Harringworth Viaduct 1 – Monochrome

  1. Now this really is my cup of tea……..REALLY…These are GREAT !!…..Can we have some in glorious, rich, dark, brown’n’bloody, under-exposed colour please? I love the colours of glorious, rich, dark, brown’n’bloody, under-exposed bricks…..and on a viaduct!!!!… ‘Be still my beating heart’…….Quickly please!

  2. It is interesting to notice the contribution of the shadows in these images, especially in the first where the vertical edge emphasises the angle.

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