Somersham Lake 9 – Tribute to the Last Duckling.

What I didn’t tell you in yesterday’s post Somersham Lake 8 – Last Duckling was that it’s gone. I took these and yesterdays photo 2 weeks or so ago. A woman who was walking her dogs told me it was thought a cat had got the other 7 ducklings and indeed I did see the cat “suspect” sitting at the very edge of the water watching the ducks.

Unfortunately I haven’t seen the duckling since, even though I have been back to the lake almost very day since.

I feel sad about that even though as a cat owner ( if it was the cat) I know that it is their nature to hunt.

Although as there is a resident Heron at the lake (you can see it in my Glory of flight post) I’m more inclined to think it was him who took the ducklings.

Anyway being a complete softie I am sharing the other photos I took of the lone duckling in order to remember the poor little thing.



Look at its lovely markings and fluffiness



and a close-up of yesterdays photo


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16 thoughts on “Somersham Lake 9 – Tribute to the Last Duckling.

  1. oh 😦 Could also be danger from below. When my girls were younger we were watching a cute fluffy family of moorhen chicks swimming along when there was a disturbance in the water and then one less moorhen chick. I assumed it was a pike. Poor girls were devastated. 😦

    • Yes hadn’t thought of pike, horrible for your girls but a learning experience I suppose :(… but it’s a very small lake so there may not be pike in there though… it’s such a pity.. most seem to have survived last year..

  2. Such a sad little tale 😦 I am afraid I am of the Chris Packham view when it comes to cats and wild birds. But it could easily have been the heron. If a heron can take out a brood of fairly well grown swans, it can definitely manage a few little balls of fluff like this one. Lovely photos, as usual 🙂

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