Somersham Lake 8 – Last Duckling.

Back to my favourite Somersham lake.

There were 8 ducklings at the lake a few weeks ago but a cat got 7 of them and the day I went there was just this last little one left. It swam away quickly from where I was standing and up onto this branch in the water.


I don’t know what my readers/followers think but I am starting to feel such an affinity for nature; enjoying photographing it enormously.

My friend Lisa ( as Puttyfoot)  commenting on my post with the Chinese Water Deer said this “you seem to be at one with nature Helen, being there at the right time, seeing moments at the right time”  which was such a compliment.

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20 thoughts on “Somersham Lake 8 – Last Duckling.

  1. That is gorgeous! Helen, I can understand your affinity for photographing nature – I’ve always been the same. There is a beauty that man mad stuff just never manages to quite replicate!

  2. Aw, so sad there’s only one left. A similar thing happened with a brood of swans near where I live last year. Most were taken by a heron which somehow doesn’t seem as bad…

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