Evening Mist Rising in a Stream

Back to a bit of yellow 🙂

I had to get myself in a rather precarious position on the bank of the stream ( which is really a fen drain but that’s not such a romantic name !! ) in order to get this photograph before the light failed completely. 



Another version with a more eerie feel to it….




You can see the other Rapeseed photos from this series here


If you care to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here


23 thoughts on “Evening Mist Rising in a Stream

      • Yes…Are your photoshop skills up to getting rid of the vehicles yet? I think it would be a bit more ‘timeless’ without their distraction…But you know me, never happy unless I’m exercising my GOD complex.

      • Just realised I hadn’t answered this Stuart.. Yes could easily take the vehicles out but I like them… I like that they show how dark it is…but I do get your point!

      • The vehicles certainly give it a greater sense of context/time/conditions etc. but I think I’d have to have a crack at ‘vanishing’ them…just to judge the results alongside each other.

    • Thank you PG and welcome to my blog. I was pleased I managed to capture it ( although the photos aren’t the best quality ) because the light was almost gone.

  1. What would it look like if you took the eerie one and cropped out the oncoming headlights on the road? I can actually get that effect by scrolling down. I like it!

    • I did try with the lights taken out but decided against it because generally I think they help to give the photo a better perspective… and show how dark it was 🙂 ( excuses the poor quality of the photos…don’t look too close! )

  2. I think the lower version has it – as you say, its more eerie, more Sleepy Hollowish! We have drains on the Somerset Levels too – not a great name as you say, but if that’s what they’re called then that’s what they’re called! Adrian

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