Somersham Lake 7 – Painterly ducks

I was reading one of Fatman Photos recent posts and he talked about adding more grain and some blurring to a greatly enlarged section of a Jpeg image to make it resemble a painting. You can see his post here

 It reminded me of a photograph I took with my old Fuji Finepix S5600 at the same time as my Misty Ducks photo which I posted here  and  the Spooky Tree here   I always thought this third photo had a painterly quality about it and thought I’d share it with you so here it is.



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26 thoughts on “Somersham Lake 7 – Painterly ducks

    • Thanks Mimo… sometimes you take a photo which turns into a personal favourite and this is one of mine although I know I’ve taken technically miles better.

  1. Yes..Nice photo, but as always with duck photos I want speech bubbles….
    Duck 1..: “Christ, she’s here again..That middle aged woman with the crap 72 pixel fuji camera!”
    Duck 2…”72 Pixels!!! I’m not being photographed with that !! Show her your arse!”

  2. Nice picture, Helen and thank you for the link to my blog >>> but unfortunately the link goes to another photo entirely! It shows the back of a bird’s head! Adrian

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