Somersham Lake 6 – Bullrush in the wind


I thought I’d give you a rest from all that yellow!

So back to Somersham lake with a Bullrush blowing in the wind and shedding seeds.




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13 thoughts on “Somersham Lake 6 – Bullrush in the wind

  1. I don’t know how you achieve that deliciously blurred background, but I’m jealous of that. I don’t seem to be able to get that from my little Lumix. Here’s another British/American language thing: we call bulrushes “cattails”, but it’s the same plant. I never really connected that until now.

  2. Lovely. I really like the little seeds flying. This reminds me that I have been trying on and off to get shots of midges against the light. Must remember to try again this year.

  3. That’s an excellent picture, Helen. Having the backlit bullrush on the right stops the eye exiting the frame as it moves across the frame from left to right.

    And then you’ve got the out of focus grasses or whatever they are in the background, and they look good and they’re the same colour as the rush. And having these two elements of the picture the same colour is good, because its a >>>different colour from the darker and really excellently featureless back ground.

    And lastly of course you have the really excellently captured white Bullrush seeds as they float in a ragged line to leeward.

    This is a great picture. Adrian

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