Comparisons are not Odious

The original reason I went back to the piece of fenland I’ve featured in the last 3 posts, which you can see here  was to take some comparisons shots

Those who have been following my blog for a while might remember that back in February, when the snow was on the ground, I took some photos of this same piece of Fenland. The 2 posts were called Bleakness  and Bleakness in (almost) black and white

 I thought it would be fun to show you what it’s like now







 This one below was taken about 2 weeks before the other rapeseed photos above and the light was not so good but the one I took on the same day the tree was on the wrong side!!


 Personally I definitely prefer the snowy, foggy ones for the drama 😀

Do you?


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44 thoughts on “Comparisons are not Odious

  1. Brilliant idea. I love comparison shots like these. It would be super of you could go back in high summer and again in the autumn too. Yes, my favourites are the very atmospheric winter ones here. So delicate.

  2. Actually, I agree – I like the dark foggy ones too. The summer ones are lively, but we see so many lovely shots on the web, it is great to have an alternative perspective.

  3. it is a great idea to find a couple of places you like and keep going back to them at different times of year, then study the places of moon and sunrises etc., these are lovely and I agree I prefere the wintery ones 🙂

  4. I love the 3 pictures taken in snowy/misty weather, Helen – absolutely wonderful! I was going to say “prime monochrome material” but I’m not so sure on thinking about it, as often the very limited colour palettes in such shots makes them – the “less is more” thing. Adrian

  5. Hi Helen…… the first 3 do it for me, and although I like the muted colours and tones of the winter scenes, on this occasion I really love the low light sunshine image. The low sun has given some beautiful sharp shadows….. I like the way the tree on the right is in shadow….. and the whole image just pops into 3D with a terrific impact. All great compositions.
    Regards, John.

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