Saturday Skies 4 – Storm over the fens.

The last couple of posts were taken out in the Fens and so was this one, taken on the same day that I saw the Chinese Water Deer which I posted about  here

There had been rain all day and it was still hanging around very late evening in the form of heavy showers interspersed with brilliant sunshine.. very dramatic and a bit scary!

The rain is starting to annoy me now as there’s been so much of it but after the driest 18 months for a century I know we need it.

The compensation is the sky.. massive, threatening clouds – you can click on either photo for a larger version and in the B&W one you’ll see tiny houses which will give you an idea of the scale of these clouds.



Again a similar one in monochrome too. I’m loving the B&W !




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25 thoughts on “Saturday Skies 4 – Storm over the fens.

  1. Hi Helen
    I really like the B&W…in fact I’ve been playing with it in Photoshop I liked it so much…..(I’m a poorly boy at the minute so I’m not allowed out to take my own photos…boohoo)..
    I’d like to know what you think but other than putting it in a photobucket album with a link in your comments box I cant think of a way…

  2. Hi Helen! Oh dear, I’m going to do it again >>> I like the colour version better! Have you run out of pins to stick into that little wax model of me???

    I like the colour one more because the yellow of the crop addes something to the picture and goes well with the bluey greys of the clouds, which look dramatic.

    In the mono version, I think that the clouds need a bit more contrast pumped into them to make them more dramatic, and the yellow crop has gone into a dull grey, which also needs significant pepping up if the picture is not going to be solely about the sky. Adrian

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