Textures and Patterns – Twiggy take 2

I first posted a photo of this plant back in March though that one was actually taken in January and you can see that photo here .

I revisited it on the 31st march  and had forgotten just how small the plant was, I had to really search for it and it’s quite a different colour now but then the light was very different too !

So here it is again this time with some tiny fresh green leaves and now I have the name of it…wait for it….. muehlenbeckia astonii a native of New Zealand, otherwise known as Wiggywig or Mingimingi… no idea why so don’t ask! 

Stuart I think you had commented that you’d like to see what the plant looked like sort of whole.. sorry I forgot you had said that until I got back home… google the name and you will see it looks very insignificant whole !!



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12 thoughts on “Textures and Patterns – Twiggy take 2

  1. Love the focus here.The colour is really gorgeous too.
    Today texture must be the new black….!
    Thanks for your advice for file names on Effstopeyes. We’re really having to work at getting the site accessible and not being able to change font size is a big problem.

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