Just a broken snail shell ? I don’t think so!!


Such a pretty broken shell but what’s this?? Not another ladybird!



Out it comes….




round and round it goes…



and off it gets….



These were taken during the couple of days a few weeks ago when we had hot weather and there were literally hundreds of ladybirds in my garden. They were on and in everything. Remember these 3 posts with ladybirds  here  

and there’s more to come !!  


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here


29 thoughts on “Just a broken snail shell ? I don’t think so!!

    • Taken with Nikon 40mm lens at f5.6, 1/60th second with ISO of 560 Mathias.. but I confess I couldn’t have told you that without looking because I never remember !!! Just go with the flow!!

      • Thanks !
        I was asking because I have the tendency to open at f/1.7 of f/2.0 … and the depth of field can be sometimes too narrow … then I see now what I could obtain with f/5.6 now, thanks to you 🙂 !
        ISO is also a problem for me since I always forget to check the settings when I take pictures … and I end up sometimes taking pictures at ISO 1250 or 1600 under a beautiful sun … fortunately I shoot in RAW because the JPEG pictures from the camera would be to soft.

      • I have only just started to shoot in RAW ( SUCH big files !! ) but haven’t processed any yet… all sooo time consuming! I am only learning Mathias so don’t really know what I’m doing half the time!! I like to experiement with settings a lot as I learn because you can get very unusual results..

        Try this website http://tinylanscapes.wordpress.com/ for someone who really knows what he’s doing with Macro!

      • I slowly shifted toward RAW files because above 1000ISO, my PEN makes pictures that are too soft … So I tried DxO (so easy) … since then I shoot all the time in RAW 😀 … the bad side is that my hard drive is almost full …
        Thanks for the link !

  1. Hi Helen, this post really made me smile, thank you so much (smiles are greatly needed). Sorry I haven’t been visiting much, I plan on hitting up all the normal blogs I visit then come back to check out all the missed posts (which…is so so soooo many)!

    Macros, love macros!! In fact, I was thinking my next series will be macros. 😀

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