Crop lines and Rainbow Spray


 I saw this field as I was driving to somewhere else a few weeks ago and made a mental note to take a look at it on my way back in the evening light. In the meantime the farmer had very kindly turned on his sprayer ( we hadn’t had rain in East Anglia for weeks) making for lovely rainbows.

The photos are exactly as they were when taken – unprocessed – no cropping or changing of light or colour.








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38 thoughts on “Crop lines and Rainbow Spray

  1. I really like the top shot..I know it doesn’t have the old rainbow wotsit, but just look at it!

    (That old ‘un-processed’ thing really IS nonsense you know…Ignoring the fact that we’re looking at the end result of a whole barrel load of processes, not the real world, everyone looking at these fantastic shots will be further processing them, eye to brain, differently to each other…No such things as unprocessed colour or unprocessed light, just looking at something puts paid to that…..
    And they are cropped…you and your camera did that at stage one…………)

    I know……. I’m like a mangy old dog with a bone.

    • I think you were missing the point Stuart.. I wasn’t knocking post processing or manipulatiion whatever you want to call it.. I just thought no-one is going to believe these colours are real !! so was just pointing out that they really were naturally that amazing. Now get back in that kennel!! 😀

  2. The weather at your end must be much milder than it is here. I don’t have such nice lettuces yet. We still have frost at night from time to time. Doesn’t this make your fingers itch to go out and start digging and sowing?

  3. I like these, Helen, but being contrary (as I think you said you can be), I like the top one best! – a wonderful series of variously coloured and textured linear elements – what about rotating it 90 degrees clockwise???? Adrian

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