Spooky Tree in the Fog

Yesterday’s photograph was of a misty morning at my local lake featuring ducks which you can see here

Thought I’d show you the one I took just a minute or so before I took the one I posted yesterday, so same quality ( or lack of! )

It’s the original golden colour ( yesterday’s was changed to B&W) taken just as the sun rose through the trees and fog.  I remember feeling very excited and within moments the ducks started to swim to the light so even more excitement as I wasn’t expecting them.

Magic moments indeed.




If you’d like to you can read more from my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



51 thoughts on “Spooky Tree in the Fog

  1. 72 dpi is only a frustration if you want to blow it up…on here it looks absolutely wonderful….
    I liked the quackers but this is even better….I love the way that the water and background seamlessly drift into each other with no defining line..gorgeous.

    • The problem with the 72 dpi is that it would be no good for a competition… I would probably have entereed this into the tree part of the IGPOTY competition but it would be the same story as with the ducks, Stuart..

  2. Good Eye! – your sensitivity to the right moment is uncanny – I am a Brit from the west coast of the UK – Somerset, now a citizen of Canada. I am ashamed to say that I never visited the east coast of England; however, your photos have confirmed my mental images of the Fens and of the east coast in general. Thank you for all of your offerings and for your support of art rat cafe

    • Agh a fellow Brit. I am from Wiltshire originally and arraived in Cambridgeshire via Herts and 25 years in Ireland !! .. Happy St George’s Day John.. what has you in Canada?

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