Wicken Fen – Woody still life


 When I was at Wicken Fen the other day ( in that golden evening light that I’m always on about that gives such depth of colour to everything!! ) I walked through an area that they had cleared.

There were lots of little piles of sawdust and piles of logs and this….




But…. I think it looks good turned round this way ….. sort of tree like



Which do you prefer??


Whichever way isn’t nature just wonderful..


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21 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – Woody still life

  1. I agree with Mimo about the light….At midday this might have looked flat and burned out…Instead the textures and colours pop out at you..Lets hear it for ‘Evenings Golden Hour’..Hip Hip………………….Hip Hip…………………….Hip Hip…………………!
    Shooting at dawn’s my favourite time, especially here in England, because so often everything is damp and the colours deepen even more…..Two ‘Golden Hours’ for your money………
    (on the damp thing…and this probably just shows what a complete muppet I am…………I usually carry one of those hand held gardener’s spray bottles full of water in case things need a bit of moisture assistance…….How weird am I?…and for that matter what’s a hand held gardener…)
    Oh and I’m with you…I think the composition works better in portrait..

  2. I prefer the first one, not sure why .”L” is for log perhaps? I love the way the orange of the newly cut wood jumps out at you

  3. Hi Helen I’m back! was away for nearly 3 weeks. I prefer the top one. I think the eye catches more immediately on on what lies horizontal in front of it. With a vertical image you have to move the eye up and down, so you need more time for an image to sink in. The poor forgotten cut-up branch. Very autumnal in colour. I do so love the browny-orangy and the mossy green!

    • Thnaks Rachell. I think at the end of the day you can tell the way the photo has been taken… The 2nd photo is just the first one turned.. maybe it would be different if I had shot a 2nd photo from that angle instead..

  4. I was going to say that I prefer the upper one, Helen, but on looking longer I think its the lower one – it definitely looks the more striking. The upper one looks more natural but the lower one catches the eye more – almost as if you’re using a severe wide angle lens, that is making the centre of the trunk bulge up towards the camera >>> – rotation lives!!! Adrian

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