Wicken Fen – Hairy evening light !!

The photos below were taken at the National Trust property Wicken Fen as was Monday’s post “Titania’s seat in the Forest” which you can see here if you missed it.

I was leaving at the end of the “golden hour” and thought I’d just take a quick photo of one of the highland cattle that are grazing there which you can see below.. not particularly inspiring…. but then I spotted some of its hair caught on the barbed wire and how it glistened in the sun…MUCH more interesting as I hope you’ll agree 😀






See Stuart’s comments below. I’ve squared off the photo to see how that works.. now I’m not sure about the darkness at the top of photo but when I cloned over it that didn’t look right either so I thought I’d leave it alone now before I get annoyed with it  !


If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  



25 thoughts on “Wicken Fen – Hairy evening light !!

  1. I really like this shot..I like the big Moo-cow as well but the first is a cracking photo.
    But….. I’m going to risk becoming a real pain in the backside when looking at your posts and make a photoshop suggestion whenever a specific one suggests itself….Tell me to stop and I’ll stop. 🙂
    At the bottom left corner I think that thin white line that just enters the frame at the edge is a bit distracting….Use the clone tool, (set soft-edged and to normal) to clone it out using the darker grass to its right as a source point…2 secs, no more distraction.
    Or…. to accentuate the geometry of the image as well as lose the white annoyance, use a perfect square crop. Start Top left with the golden hair slightly bleeding off frame both top and left then draw a perfect square marquee, (rectangular marquee tool), by pulling down and right while holding down shift key and left mouse button (or grab button on laptop)…It tightens the crop, loses the distraction AND accentuates the diagonal…Good value!
    What do you think?

    • I think you are absolutely right Stuart. I noticed the thin white line just as I was posting it and frankly was too blooming tired to look at it again… Will have a go at adding in another later.. I’m off with work related stress at the moment and very tired but determined to keep up with daily posting ! ( read 1500 Saturdays before last and you’ll read about it )
      You obviously haven’t caught up with all my posts yet!! still waiting for comments on my last self portrait!!

      • Working back through my email updates 3 days at a time so I’ll get there I promise…So sorry to hear you’re not quite 100%…Work is a bastard..I think they should ban it…Don’t they know you are a creative genius!!!
        Looking forward to finding the portrait, though hiding behind the sofa AND clicking the mouse can be a bugger!

      • Well…that sounds shite…
        I hate to encourage bad behaviour but I should turn your creative talents to swinging the lead for as long as you can…..just avoid it as completely, and for as long as is possible…No job is worth making yourself ill over.

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      • Well I hope not – but that’s up to you! There will inevitably be times when it goes out but then re-ignites – this happens to everyone. Its about trying to retain a sense of wonder – a child’s wonder if possible – at the world around you, and really looking at it rather than just merely glancing – that’s what I think at least! Burn on! Adrian

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