A little bit of trickery..


I’ve had this snail photo for ages. It was taken in May last year with my Fuji Finepix so quality isn’t great I know


 I thought I’d have a bit of fun with this photo and add to my learning at the same time.

I’ve had Photoshop 7 for ages (it was a gift) but I hadn’t used it.. ( Techy stuff just usually annoys me ! ).. several people kept encouraging me ( you know who you are!! ) but I have been a bit of a purist until recently.

So I started to take a little time and gradually find out about what it can do. I discovered the healing tool which is fab for removing those little blemishes and the other day Lo and behold I found the cloning tool…

The bottom photo Snail Race is the product of my 1st playing around with cloning and I know I need to work on not having any blurring… but what fun!!


Snail Race




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27 thoughts on “A little bit of trickery..

  1. 1) The photograph is so nice… The colours fascinated me.
    2) What a great imaginary… I loved this snail race…
    3) I am so glad to hear that you did something with photoshop, it is great fun

    I loved it dear Helen, made me smile… Your creavitiy and your amazing photography will be so nice with your photoshop experiences… Thank you, with my love, nia

      • It IS a really steep learning curve coming in cold…I started with a version of Photoshop 4, far less versatile and consequently far easier than 7 which I know you are using, but it was still incredibly daunting..
        All I can say is that if you consider yourself a photographer, and if anyone should, you should…then you MUST persevere..Photoshop is as much a part of the digital image process as the lens and body of your camera.
        I know I overuse it sometimes…I’m fully aware of that and dont really apologise for it as I enjoy an obvious non-reality in some of the images I produce…but used sensitively photoshop will, without doubt, improve every single image that comes off your SD card in some small way…
        I’ve never used 7 as I jumped from 4 to CS5 but there is a book available called ‘photoshop 7 for photographers’ by martin evening (12 quid on amazon)..i’ve used the same title for 4 and for CS5, he does a re-write and up-date for each new version…mighty fine book to get your head around the basics..use that for a month and that learning curve will smooth out a treat.

  2. Reminds me of a couple of jokes.

    1. What does the slug say, riding on top of the snail? “Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!”

    2. A snail is mugged by a slug, and when asked by the police to describe the mugger, the snail replies, “I don’t know. It all happened so fast!”

  3. Excellent stuff, Helen! And yes, I know all about you social workers and “techy stuff” – its enough to make a grown man weep!

    >>>NOW, you’ve got the camera and you’ve got Photoshop …… if we could just get you onto black and whites in Silver Efex Pro 2 – how about it? Adrian

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