Self Portrait 5 – Salvador Dali?

 I haven’t posted a self-portrait for a while and as I’m a bit too pooped to edit new photos today ( or last night when I scheduled this! ) I thought I’d give you this old one taken with my Fuji Finepix nearly 2 years ago. So quality isn’t great but hopefully it will give you a laugh. 😀   After all photography should be fun!


Also Stuart ( of Shpics fame ) is away so I thought I might sneak this in before he gets back and has a chance to reply with some of his legendary wit !

Oh and I don’t dress like this ALL the time!! It was for a friends Fancy Dress party which I only decided to go to at the last minute so had to think up a costume PDQ ! 

Here you have it… my impersonation of Salvador Dali!!



Apologies to my Am Dram friends who have already seen the living embodiment of this photo..

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and if you care to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here



22 thoughts on “Self Portrait 5 – Salvador Dali?

      • I’ve always been drawn to Dali…….Love some of his work and hate some equally but never tire of photos of the man himself…My kind of lunatic….
        And……. ‘Cherry Dali’ looks JUST as much of a fruit-loop…..
        More self portraits please……

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