Just a Fishing Hut


This is not too far from where I live but I had never seen it before..

I glimpsed some water down a lane and thought I’d go and investigate.

We can sometimes be rewarded for our curiosity with lovely colour combinations.





This is loosely tagged as Architecture !! You can see some of my other photos with an architecture tag here


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20 thoughts on “Just a Fishing Hut

  1. Hi Helen, hope you’re fine! I like the upper photo here – the letterbox format fits it very well, perfectly I’d say, there’s a lovely, gentle palette of colours, and the position of the hut is in Rule Of Thirds Land(!).

    The long, thin island in the foreground mirrors the letterbox format well, and acts as a boundary between starker, tree trunk and hut reflections out front and far more muted reflections behind.

    The pale reeds act as a backdrop for the darker hut – and I think the fact that these reeds don’t extend right across the image adds to the image considerably – they stop at the right vertical third! A calming and peaceful picture – I could easily live with it on my wall. Adrian

    • I love that it comes across like that Julia… in reality this was the best bit.. strangely the area was a sort of Caravan park and this a little lake for fishing. So not as good as it looked!

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