Is this a good way to overcome your phobias?

Right my “unforgiving and used to a better standard of photo ” followers I KNOW this is not my best shot!!!

I’ve discovered another good use for an obsession with photography –  overcoming your phobias..

At the weekend I went out to the garden to cut the grass before the rain came and saw this spider on the lawn mower… so guess what ?…yep out came the camera and then I saw what a gorgeous colour the spider was.

 It was quite dark in the shed so had to use flash…hence the pretty coloured sparkles on its web ( Lisa will like that! )  

 I confess this spider was……                   

tiny …

but hey it’s a start  and I did have to get pretty damn close to it!


 Okay now no laughing as it was actually all of 1/4 inch ( 1/2cm) which is why even my Macro couldn’t get a crisp photo so don’t be looking too closely now! Just enjoy the colour.

(already I’m wishing I had the 60mm macro instead of my 40mm – some people are just NEVER satisfied! ) 



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25 thoughts on “Is this a good way to overcome your phobias?

  1. I am not a spider fan, so will need a bit of convincing on this. I agree the colour is quite attractive and it does have stripy legs…

    • Alice thanks so much for thinking of me and I hope you won’t be offended if I don’t.. you can see on my blog that I don’t accept “awards” either. They become a bit like chain letters and are terribly time consuming and it’s hard enough to find time to do my photography!

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