Zoo – Prairie dog swimming…. in grass??

Apologies to my more serious photographer followers but I thought it would be a good idea to post an antidote to yesterdays post featuring a brain-damaged Fox which you can see here.

So something to make you smile for a change!

I could have sworn this prairie dog was swimming through the grass!!

Well that’s what it looked like to me, he was making swimming movements and moving forward through the grass so what else was I to think!! .

Comical !  😀




Incidently the prairie dogs pretty much had the run of the whole place. 


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22 thoughts on “Zoo – Prairie dog swimming…. in grass??

  1. Oh, you’ve got it all wrong here! She is obviously doing her morning core stretches and you caught her in “superman” pose! Just look at that expression of pure contentment on her face! 🙂


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