They’re everywhere !!

Yesterday I posted  “Seed Trap with a little something extra”  and I mentioned that I seem to have hundreds of ladybirds in my garden so I thought I’d go in search of some today and will post some from time to time.

I love the little blighters.  Today they were gorging on pollen especially on my weeping willow tree catkins.

But this one was in a white daffodil!










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38 thoughts on “They’re everywhere !!

  1. Our Nature Center puppet show this month features a ladybug, just awakened in Spring, in search of aphids. They eat other plant mites and scale insects, but I don’t think they eat pollen. She does seem intent on cleaning your daffodil thoroughly! Beautiful shots of this garden champion! (I’ve just finished watching another David Attenborough DVD, and I’m all inspired by macro photography! What a world!!!)

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