Seed Trap with a little something extra ..


In yesterdays Seed Trap post here  I mentioned that something happened as I was taking the photograph.

So this was what happened next…. a ladybird appeared from underneath the table between the seeds. Out it came, scurried about on the table top and then disappeared from whence it came..

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised as I seem to have hundreds in my garden but it was awfully decent of this one to appear when it did!

Here it comes



  Walks about a bit



and back it goes under the table again !



If you’d like to you can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here  


32 thoughts on “Seed Trap with a little something extra ..

    • I think it does too! Oh and I forgot to reply to your other comment Scilla. The darkness had to be achieved. The background underneath the table is dark decking so that was a start, I was using my macro lens so the background was very blurred. I had to darken the photo then to make it even darker.. I’ve done less of that in these so you can see the blurring more.

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