Just a tease of Teasels





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19 thoughts on “Just a tease of Teasels

  1. This is a gorgeous photo! I found out that teasels are considered “aggressive invasive” plants in Wisconsin because they were introduced in the colonies in the 1700s, and they spread copious seeds, which creates a monoculture that crowds out indigenous species of prairie plants. I’ve seen them all over and personally, I have nothing against them. If they’re here and growing, so be it! They look similar in some ways to echinacea and prairie cone flower when dried, which is why I had to look them up. I am fascinated by “old world” and “new world” species, what you have over there, what we have over here, and what we call them. Thanks for contributing to my education and my appreciation of beauty wherever we find it!

    • 😀 😀 Thanks Louis for your lovely comments.. This was one I wasn’t sure about “in camera” but then when I looked at it on the computer and cut the line of trees out that were above what you see, I really liked it .

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