Textures and Patterns – Twiggy



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(I posted this by mistake it was supposed to be a Tuesday post!! that’ll teach me to be so organised! Tuesday Textures now just become Textures and patterns !)

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16 thoughts on “Textures and Patterns – Twiggy

  1. I was just explaining to the kindergarteners the difference between “alternate” and “opposite” branching…using my arms and legs. This is a much better illustration! I like how you brought the clear zigzag up front while the rest echo behind.

  2. I like this Hellen…colours are great and and you’ve got a nice depth of field thing going on, but…I’d REALLY like to have seen this shot in a none macro way as well…Same framing but with a really wide depth of field…I think together they would have been amazing, those twigs are fantastic and to see more of them, and to see the relationships between them would have been the icing on the cake.

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