Textures and Patterns – Hairy !

Let’s do something different again (and because I ain’t got much time ! )

Another occasional series this time on textures and patterns.. and here’s a right hairy one to start the series off  (though actually you can see a few more of my photos with a texture tag here so I guess this isn’t really the start but hey who’s counting !

This one was taken with my old Fuji Finepix.. In Madeira last year… I think !




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18 thoughts on “Textures and Patterns – Hairy !

  1. I rather like this at first glance I see some kind of tribal mask or some kind of strange creatures of a lost age sort of Audrey’esq! 😀

  2. I’m assuming it is part of a palm tree trunk but would be very happy to be proved wrong and told it is some sort of weird Madeiran animal

  3. Scilla seems to be thinking about George Clooney…….(though the ‘wise’ doesn’t seem quite right).
    I however, know exactly what it is because I also was in Madeira last year ..(along with with my Fuji S602 finepix)….but don’t worry, I won’t give the game away…

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