Found Trapped and Set Free

  I was going to post the other Haworth photos today but then yesterday I saw this bug caught in a spider’s web high up above the window of my front porch and climbed up on a chair to photograph it (NEVER miss an opportunity.) 

I don’t know what my neighbours must think sometimes !

It was late in the day and the sun was low and shining brightly behind the bug hence the silhouette nature of the web photos.

It was only when I was photographing it that I realised it was alive so I set it free and put it on the lavender plant beside my front door and naturally took another couple of shots before it quickly flew off!!  Could have done with my tripod really but if I’d gone indoors to get it the bug would have been gone.

I have since done a bit of research and it’s a Rhopalid Bug – Corizus hyoscyami. Used to only be around sandy coasts in the South East apparently but moving inland now..a sign of global warming?

This blog is soooo educational !! haha  

Click on the top photo to get a close up look of the glue on the web…scary!














The sky was actually very blue indeed behind the bug when it was  stuck in the web but I thought the blueness detracted from the bug so I took it out in camera. I think the shots are more dramatic without it.

I left one with blue and include it below..What do you think?  Was I right to take the blue out?



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22 thoughts on “Found Trapped and Set Free

  1. Oh, I like the blue! It sets off the colors of the true bug (and yes, that’s a scientific term!). We have box elder bugs and milkweed beetles who look similar…and they’re rarely alone like this guy.

  2. What a handsome chap, and he’s lucky you rescued him. I like the blue, but I am a fan of blue in general so this might “colour” my judgement a bit 🙂


    This morning when I watched these photographs once again I noticed that there is a wonderful action of this little one… Like a ballerin… have you noticed? The harmony, the rythme… fascinated me once again. Thank you. If you click on this link, you will find an award for your blog dear Helen,
    Have a nice day, with my love, nia

    • Thank you Karen… you know the way some times you just love some photos you take ? I loved taking these.. I wasn’t looking for anything to photograph but there he was…just waiting to be saved!

  4. I like it better with the blue background. It does not take away or add detail to the bug and the web, so why mess with it. Of course that ‘s the laywoman speaking.
    ps; don’t think I ever saw a bug like that

    • Thanks Marleen.. you won’t see a bug like that in Ireland.. I think it likes dry sandy soil and sun too I think. definitely none of that where you are !!!

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