Landscapes – Light and colours of Cumbria 2

Yesterday I gave you a taste of the glory of the colours of Cumbrian landscapes – here

Today I thought I’d give you a peek at another vista

These are the real colours again !


 I could see the top of this mountain vista from the road as I passed.

I turned the car,  drove back, parked in a gateway, walked over the green hill that you can see in the foreground and was wonderfully rewarded for my effort!

I turned the car and drove back to look at particular views a lot when I was in Cumbria !!






You can see some of the other photos I took when I was in Cumbria here  and here


You  can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here



25 thoughts on “Landscapes – Light and colours of Cumbria 2

  1. The top image is really very striking…someone mentions Cezanne, and OK, I can see that, especially with 2 & 3…but that top shot (which I think is the best by a long, long way) is equally succesful when you look at it in an almost completely abstracted kinda’ way…Turn it on its side and think Rothko…Wonderful bands of deepest colour and tone…
    A really top shot…You should retire and concentrate on Cumbria, you’re obviously good for each other.

  2. Colours are out of this world, especially the green in 1; just amazingly beautiful !!! I like 3 a lot as wel. Feel like walking into it and enjoying the space and peace.
    Cumbria must be very sparsely populated. All these vast landscapes…. But that’s what you pick out to show us of course.

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