Watery Wednesday 4

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As with yesterdays post  I was once again squeezing out the last bit of light  !!

I was on my way home to Cambridge from Cumbria and can’t actually remember where this was!

This first shot is pretty enough I suppose but that’s not really what interests me.. take a look at the bottom 2 shots





 The right way up




When I turned the photo upside down it became much more interesting to me.

Now it looks to me like the crater of a volcano filled with water.



You can see some of the other photos I took when I was in Cumbria here  


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30 thoughts on “Watery Wednesday 4

  1. I do like the concept of rotating perspective around and looking at things differently, but I gotta say that “pretty enough” shot at the top is where I want to gaze endlessly…the setting sun accentuates the distance of the trees and countryside across the water in a way that fuels a dreamy lust for adventure…what if I could follow the sun wherever it’s going tonight?

  2. THAT is one crazy optical illusion! I can’t figure out how it works!

    I even downloaded the photo so that I could manually rotate it and I still can figure it out.

    Right side up, it’s clear that the water is flowing left-to-right and it falls about 6-8 inches, I’d guess, creating a convex arc.

    Turn the photo 90 degrees counterclockwise and the convex arc is still detectable.

    BUT, rotate the right-side-up photo 90 degrees clockwise, or upside down as you’ve shown, and the convex arc becomes concave.

    This is REALLY freaking me out!

    • Soerry but your comment did make me laugh out loud!! it did sort of freak me oput to when I did it…don’t kow what made me… as I don’t usually!

  3. Love the curve of the water as well as the sky in the first image Hellen, really nice image. In an odd way, I like the upside down image! 😛 Thank you for commenting on my post today, kinda funny we both posted about water…

    • That’ll be the drink Stuart ! but seriously I agree it is disconcerting indeed. (by the way I know it’s confusing because there are 2 ll’s everywhere but it is Helen with 1 🙂 )

      • Well I did think the double ‘L’ was a bit affected….
        I’m quite relieved!
        (You’ll note my middle monicker is a double ‘L’, but in my case it is purely to stop anyone thinking I might be Welsh…Heaven forbid!)

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