Last light

 Taken on the edge of a lake in Cumbria.

As usual I was squeezing out the last bit of light  !!

This first shot has some of that deep green moss that I showed you in the Beech post here






You can see some of the other photos I took when I was in Cumbria here  


You  can read my other blog 1500 Saturdays here



17 thoughts on “Last light

    • I walked down to the waters edge initially Scilla to try to photograph the mountains from water level but there were all these trees in the way so had to use them..

  1. The limited light available adds tremendous character and atmosphere – the patterns on the water in the first photo and the brooding mountains and ominous, silhouetted trees in the second.

  2. I don’t really think there is any such thing as poor light…(apart from no light…that is crap)….But difficult light, if you can use it, invariably adds to a shot…
    These are, so far, my favourite shots on your blog…….
    If you hadn’t been so horrid about my age I would tell you that you’re showing distinct signs of genius..but since you were SO unpleasant, I reckon you were just lucky.

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